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Project Based Assessment

Project Based Assessments (PBA) may provide an alternative to meeting Local Grade Based Requirements , per Act 158. LEAs may utilize the Department-provided PBAs or design their own. The PBAs on this site offer two modules per Keystone Exam – Module 1 and Module 2. For example, in the Algebra I modules, Module 1 addresses Operations and Linear Equations and Inequalities while Module 2 addresses Linear Functions and Data Organization.

District assessment coordinators have role-based permission to view and download Project Based Assessments; others should contact their assessment coordinators to gain access. LEA assessment coordinators without access should contact the Help Desk at 877.973.3727 to request access.

For LEAs who may elect to create their own PBAs, note the following considerations/guidance:

  • PBAs should be based on the Performance Level Descriptors and Eligible Content to create assessments that demonstrate proficiency in the Eligible Content defined for the respective Keystone Exam.
  • Projects are framed around real world tasks and designed to be engaging while adhering to the content and rigor of the Keystone Standards. Each project should focus on a series of activities designed to scaffold students to success.
  • Project scenario is clear and summarizes the project work and expected end product.
  • Projects have logical flow, are connected explicitly to Eligible Content, and are grammatically flawless.
  • All learning activities include clear directions for the student and have purpose.
  • Projects include clearly identified checkpoints (i.e., A checkpoint is inserted where the student should pause and seek approval before continuing the work.)
  • Online study resources may be included to offer the student an opportunity to assist in project completion.
  • A scoring guide accurately reflects the measured Eligible Content and offers detail as to project requirements; criteria is also linked to Eligible Content.

LEAs are responsible for determining the circumstances around PBA administration: method of delivery, teacher oversight, length of time to complete the work, scoring protocols, accommodations, etc.

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