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Project Based Assessments


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This Standards Aligned System (SAS) website has been created to support students in the completion of Keystone Project Based Assessments.

Keystone Project Based Assessments

For students completing a project based assessment as a pathway to proficiency to meet state graduation requirements, this website provides access to the projects. A project is a task that contains related activities based upon the Performance Level Descriptors and Eligible Content of the Keystone Exams. Along with the tasks and activities, the site offers study resources to support successful project completion.


As students work through the planned tasks, locally assigned tutors will check work for completeness and accuracy before students move to the next task. Tasks must be completed in the order they are arranged in the project. Once a task has been approved, the student can move to the next task.


At any time during project work, students may click on the Help tab and request assistance. The help message will be sent to the assigned tutor.